Monday, 31 October 2011

Not those two reprobates again!

At the weekend, whilst shooting the pictures for Legacy Comics' "Halloween Havoc" Costume Competition, I had a chance to take a couple of impromptu shots of Chris and Vern in their "Harcourt & Haigh" guises.
The set-up was actually very simple, with a single 60cm softbox on a boom above camera, another flash on the ground firing through a brolly for fill, and a third flash on a stand behind the subject lighting the background, which was a "borrowed" white cloth drape.
I converted the photos to mono to give them a bit of that classic David Bailey, sixties timeless portrait vibe. It's a simple, clean look that can be done with relatively little equipment (you could get away with one flash, a window and a reflector, or maybe even just using natural light).
As always, many thanks to Legacy Comics for the use of the space, and to Harcourt & Haigh for, well, just being themselves :)